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We have been operating in the security

and corporate asset protection sector since 1985.

We have been operating in the security and corporate asset protection sector since 1985.

MOD security has established itself as a leader among professional organizations in Europe.


All-in-one solutions

In collaboration with the most important design studios, we create turnkey solutions for the protection of points of sale, commercial areas, etc.


Experience, professionality and quality of services

Over 3000 EAS/RFID systems installed in Europe. Consolidated experience, professionalism and quality of services. Our proposals are formulated to satisfy the most specific needs, both in terms of safety and architectural nature.


Advanced system for customer behavior analysis

Advanced system for monitoring and analyzing the behavior of customers, visitors to institutions, etc. It provides highly reliable indicators for ideal planning of commercial and management activities. ANALYTIC detects in 3D positions and movements in real time of people and objects. It uses a ToF sensor (acronym of Time of Flight) latest generation. A light pulse measures the return time of the reflected infrared light, calculating the distances with absolute precision. It can be installed up to 6 meters high and allows a detection accuracy of 99.80%, with bi-directional flow monitoring. ANALYTIC works in all lighting conditions and supports multiple protocols for easy data integration. Enables anonymous monitoring of transits, excluding the movements of staff operators from those of customers or visitors.

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We are proud to boast strong partnerships with our customers developed over many years of collaboration.

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